X Game κονσόλα 600 σε 1 με Snes Megadrive Neo Geo Game Boy Nes Games 2 Joysticks




64-bit os. Hdmi output
Support arcade games (cps1/cps2/neogeo) + Gba+sfc+sega+Nes games series
Ultra-large capacity. Support TF card
Hd video

73,90 99,00


X Game 600 in one Snes Megadrive Neo Geo Game Boy Nes Games Built in

Item Weight: 599g

600 Classic Games Inside,4G Memory Space In 32-Bit System
Include Super Mario,Metal Slug,Street Fighter,Contra and Other Classic Games
Support TF Expansion,Max. To 32GB,Support CP1,CP2,NEOGEO,Acrade,GBA,MD,SFC Game Format
Include 2 Controllers,AV/S-Video Cable,HDMI Cable,AC Adapyer and Instruction
The Most Cost-Effective Retro Game Consoles On The Market

CPU:DUAL CORE CPU RAM:DDRII 128MB Memory:4GB Function:HDMI /AV-OUT /GAMING/MOVIE Games:Pre-Installed 600 classic games . Support CP1, CP2, NEOGEO, Arcade, GBA, MD,SFC format games Language:Support English/Chinese TF card: Support TF expansion,Maximum to 32 GB Basic operations: The console connected to AC/DC Adapter. HDMI output ports connected to a TV . Joysticks ports connected to the Joysticks . Press the power button,and the TV will display the menu interface. The menu interface, including FBA,GBA,SFC,MD,FC game format . In the menu interface ,button[A]to enter the game list, button[B] to return the menu interface. In the game list, button [A] to enter the game . During the game list,press “START”+”SELECT”,The game will be paused, and pop up game menu for your option . In this interface , you can basically complete all the feature setting. The console need to turn off,press the power button ,will automatically turn off. The use of TF card : Insert the TF card to the slot of the console according to this way. If you want to pull out the TF card, please make sure the card is not loading or using,Then let your finger to press the TF card once, then it will slide out automatically . If the card does not slide out , hold the gap on the card as photo shows below and pull out from the TF card port directly . Formatting: Please use this machine to format the TF card, so the all files are in FAT32 format,which is system fully supporting. Note: Please turn off your console before pulling out the TF card, in order to prevent damaging files,data loss or any system error. Accessories: 1 X AV cable , 1 X HDMI cable, 1 X User manual, 2 x USB Joystick

Κωδικός προϊόντος: XGAME Κατηγορία:
Βάρος 2 kg

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